The beauty and healing powers of Copper


I’ve always been drawn to the beauty and warmth of copper; the way it naturally patinas over time and the healing and medicinal powers that it provides. Copper has been used externally and internally for it’s healing properties for over 10,000 years.

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Copper patina 12 23 2014 037 Copper patina 12 23 2014 054 Copper patina 12 23 2014 217 Copper patina 12 23 2014 120

Some of these items are listed in my Etsy shop and are available for immediate shipping!
Peace and happiness to all on this chilly winter’s day!


New Bronze jewelry in my Etsy shop today! Playing with Patinas


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I’ve been busy taking photos of recent creations I’ve completed in Bronze. These are now listed in my Etsy shop and are ready for immediate shipping.
It’s been really interesting and fascinating adding different patinas to copper and bronze. I absolutely love how the verdigris patina compliments the warm and earthy colors of these metals. I always use a spray lacquer once I’ve achieved the coloration I’m aiming for. So far I’ve been happiest with Permalac, it doesn’t eat the patina and seals the finish nicely.

Little silver charms


wax seal charms 029 wax seal charms 018 wax seal charms 013 wax seal charms 006I’ve been selling these little charms in silver, copper, and bronze all summer long and wanted to share a few of them here. Some are available in my Etsy shop for immediate shipping for the holidays! They all differ just a bit since I create each one by hand. If you don’t seen one in my Etsy shop in the metal you love, you can always convo me and I’ll see if I have one on hand since I don’t have everything in my inventory listed online right now!!

My new booth for art fairs!


2014 Booth ShotI was lucky enough to have Larry Sanders available for my new booth image at the Art Fair off the Square Winter Art Fair in Madison, WI a few weeks ago. This is the final image and I’m very happy with it. After a lot of adjustments, Larry and I got my booth into “jury worthy” shape!
I will be out and about in 2015 at art fairs and Irish festivals with this new booth set up. I’m always adding and upgrading my booth to create a welcoming atmosphere for shoppers and myself as well. I believe my booth display should always compliment my work and draw people in to experience the emotion and energy created in this space. I will share photos of the ongoing process of my booth display and my jewelry here over the next few months!